Draw the future of construction

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Create bespoke structural elements
with a concrete 3d print shell.

Geometry are not anymore defined by the capacity
of formwork to be produced but can be directly
3d printed considering the stress flow optimized
geometry with a half precast technic.

Invest in statement decor piece
that will reflect your individual style
and help the space work for you

Think about the shape,
innovate the design
with new patterns
and colors.

A much-loved piece
can  lift a look in
an instant.

Concreative is developing the architectonic formwork and protecting skin of your structure.

We work upstream with Architect's to fit your projects needs.

Driven by Sustainability, we dedicate our expertise for your challenging construction projects.

Concreative is the First Industrial Large Scale Concrete 3D Printing Company in UAE.

Concreative is the only company offering integrated services from the 3D modelling & structural design assistance to the production and site assembly.

We propose our dedicated services to develop bespoke structural and architectural elements not achievable with conventional construction methods.


Concreative merges architectural ideas and engineering constraints by offering a fully integrated range of services. From design to construction, we are your key partner to challenge sustainability on your project and reduced environmental impact by design optimization, reduced material consumption and waste management.

Because of our civil engineering experience, we intend to develop strong expertise in 3D print structural elements. Our team will design and manufacture highly complex elements in concrete unachievable with conventional construction methods.

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Concreative merges architectural ideas and engineering constraints by a fully integrated range of services, with our team of exceptional professionals. We can work at all stages of the project life cycle, from concept design to installation.

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Concrete 3D PRinted PROJECTS

We work upstream with Architects to develop components using the full potential of our concrete 3d print technology.

Our team designs and manufactures bespoke structural building elements in high performance concrete that could not be accomplished with conventional formwork technics.

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Our team designs and manufactures highly complex elements that could not be accomplished with standard formwork technics.

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Concrete 3D Printing TECHNOLOGY

Powered by XtreeE, Concreative Offers the finest 3D Concrete printing technology to fulfill your ideas for structural elements or architectural elements.

Furthermore, our expertise is beyond the 3d printing. Our Concreative Lab can design and adjust 3d print parameters to develop your components. Our know-how and experience in civil construction have proven to be key factors in meeting and exceeding our clients expectations.

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Powered by XtreeE, we have the finest 3D printing technology to fulfill your ideas.

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