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January 8, 2019

Recent years has seen Dubai working towards becoming a hub for 3D printing technology in the region with an increasing demand for applications that can utilize 3D printing technology.

Concreative LLC is a newly settled company in U.A.E., Dubai, providing fully integrated services in large-scale concrete 3D printing.

Because of our civil engineering experience, we intend to develop strong expertise in 3D print structural elements. Our team will design and manufacture highly complex elements in concrete unachievable with standard formwork methodology.

Our ambition/mission is to provide the technology and services able to satisfy U.A.E strategy in construction sector as instructed by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed : 25% of the construction in 3D printing by 2030.

We intend,with concrete 3d Printing, to remodel the way to design and built concrete components. Because of the versatility of the system we are able to explore new complex architectural shapes which were costly to develop with standard method or even impossible to create. Our solution is to propose a complete integrated service : design, manufacture and installation. This innovation is not only in the 3d Printing system but also in our design and manufacture approach. Thanks to our innovative technology we want to merge architects ideas and engineers constraints.

Draw the future of construction

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