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Civil engineering construction expertise for Concrete 3D Printing

July 26, 2019


Civil engineering construction expertise for Concrete 3DPrinting

3D Concrete Printing is a manufacturing process that builds layers to create a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. It allows for bespoke elements and complex shapes that cannot be produced in other ways, eliminates the need for tool production and its associated labor, and reduces waste stream.


Reinforced and post tension concrete is one of the most widely used modern building materials. Fresh concrete can be molded into almost any shape, giving it an inherent advantage over other materials. But construction with concrete does require a certain level of technology and expertise and the limitation, when designing slender and complex structure,becomes the design and cost of formwork.


Thanks to concrete 3d printing and Concreative finest technology providing accurate and high-quality finishing,the complex conventional formwork systems are now obsolete. Concreative is developing the architectonic formwork and protecting skin of your structure. Thanks to the high performance and low porous concrete, our 3D print concrete shells are sustainable, aesthetic and functional.


The benefits of Concreative concrete 3d printing for permanent structures in construction are numerous. Freyssinet extensive experience in specialized civil engineering merge with Concreative LLC 3D printing capacity allows developing a wide range of products for civil engineering construction.

Figure 1 Freyssinet post tension within Concreative concrete 3Dprinting shell for suspended stair


Developing structural element in concrete 3dprint does require a certain level of knowledge on design and build with reinforced concrete or post tensioned concrete. The structural integrity is developed thanks to the regular embedded section within the concrete 3d print shell. When irregularity or singularity does not permit the cast in situ reinforced section, fiber concrete can be used providing ductility and traction resistance to the component. This is the example of the Krypton post developed by XtreeE in Aix-en-Provence, France. With a 3.5 meters height, the organic column is an innovation in terms of design and construction methods.

Structural 3dPrint column

Elements geometry are not anymore defined by the capacity of formwork to be produced and used but can be directly 3d printed considering the stress flow optimized geometry with a half precast technic.

From safety point of view, the benefit of concrete 3d printing reduce site construction tasks and handling of elements. The assembly and disassembly of construction formwork is risky,particularly when working at height.

Beyond the technical & safety aspects;needless to say that the production of a 3d printed column compare to the design, fabrication and installation of a conventional formwork is drastically shorten. This method not only provide the capacity for bespoke elements but also allows a significant procurement reduction. The impact is significant and obvious in terms of construction planning and cost for bespoke elements.

Concreative propose a various range of pattern which will enhance the shell and bring a signature the components. Concrete 3D printing combined with the capacity of prestressing technology will enlarge architects and engineers’ capabilities to propose structural efficient elements but also aesthetic, functional and sustainable.

Possible patterns

Focus on the aesthetic, simply invest in statement piece that will reflect your style and help the space work for you ! Concreative3dPrint system will print for you in an instant with a reduced carbon footprint.

Concrete 3dPrint customized column

Concreative 3D Print Manufacturing LLC Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Our solution at Concreative LLC is to propose a complete integrated service: design, manufacture and installation. Our duty is to deliver quality products on time with a commitment to always exceed customers’ expectations. We accomplish this by investing in and developing our employees’ abilities, by focusing on providing our customers premier and uniquely professional services and by continually improving our quality management systems.

Concreative value propositions

Draw the future of construction

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