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Concrete 3d Printing Urban furniture

July 11, 2019


Concrete 3d printing urban furniture of the future


Concreative LLC has the express aim of creating elegant urban furniture that is functional,sustainable, aesthetic, robust and smart, yet flexible enough in its concept to let urban designers configure in their own distinct and creative style.

Urban furniture elements are not just benches.The term can be used to refer to deck chair, bike racks, bus stops, bollards,tree protectors, seats, tables, water fountains, street lights, signage; the list goes on. They can be divided by function, which can include rest,illumination, play, waste disposal, protection, shelter, way finding and more.

Invest in statement decor piece that will reflect your individual style and help the space work for you. Concreative LLC design and manufacture a large range of attractive outdoor benches and seats available in a variety of designs and materials.

Calligraphy forms the basis of a comprehensive range, easy to develop, with our Concrete 3d Printing technology. A significant advantage of this system is the ability to form curved benches and seats with integrated plant and lights. From an aesthetic point of view, our client can access to various patterns and texture.

Integrating digital technology within our street furniture is very easy,efficient and sustainable, our components can be completely customized to any digital solution such as display screen. Thanks to the possible voids developed with concrete 3d print elements, it is possible to design dedicated conduit for cabling.

Create your own signature pieces, using a shape and pattern as a distinguishing feature that creates a point of focus in calm and sophisticated way. Cities look for economical ways to enhance urban appeal and services, our smart street furniture offers a unique technology solution.

Draw the future of construction

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